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01/04/2015 Things We Can Do To Keep From Hindering God By Jack Steele

01/11/2015 Some Things That Happened Before Time Began By Jack Steele

01/18/2015 Things I Cannot Do By Jack Steele

01/18/2015 Love By Robbie Rogers

01/25/2015 The Prophet Samuel By Brad Ruwe

02/01/2015 What Causes People To Fall Away From The Truth By Jack Steele

02/08/2015 Salvation Is Now/ Saving Souls By Jack Steele

02/08/2015 Is It For Me? Derrell Proctor

02/15/2015 How to Study The Bible By Jack Steele

02/15/2015 Does God Talk to Us Today? By Robbie Rogers

02/22/2015 What Makes A House A Home? By Jack Steele

03/08/2015 Global Warming! By Jack Steele

03/15/2015 Priscilla, Aquila, and Apollos By Jack Steele

03/15/2015 Cleaning Inside. Luke 11:37-41 By Derrell Proctor

03/22/2015  A Special People By Jack Steele

03/22/2015  Jeremiah By Brad Ruwe

03/29/2015 Let Us Do Our Part And God His Part By Jack Steele

04/05/2015 Christian Service (1) By Josh Lee

04/05/2015 Christian Service (2) By Josh Lee

04/06/2015 Christian Service (3) By Josh Lee

04/07/2015 Christian Service (4) By Josh Lee

04/10/2015 Christian Service (7) By Josh Lee

04/12/2015 Why Everyone Should Serve God By Jack Steele

04/12/2015 Reasons To Trust God By Brad Ruwe

04/19/2015 Listening To Jesus By Jack Steele

04/19/2015 Luke 11:31-32 By Robbie Rogers

04/26/2015 The Christian Life By Jack Steele

04/26/2015 The Faith of Abraham By Derrell Proctor

05/03/2015 Events After The Resurrection of Jesus Christ By Jack Steele

05/17/2015 Conflicts In The Church By Jack Steele

05/17/2015 Compromise By Robbie Rogers

05/24/2015 Trust By Jack Steele

05/24/2015 Overcoming Evil With Good By Brad Ruwe

05/31/2015 Surrendering Self To Jesus By Jack Steele

06/21/2015 Who Are You? By Brad Ruwe

06/21/2015 Evil Communications Corrupt Good Manners. By Robbie Rogers

06/28/2015 What does It Mean To Be Good? By Jack Steele

06/28/2015 Examples That Christ Set For Us By Brad Ruwe

07/05/2015 Washed In The Blood Of Jesus By Jack Steele

07/12/2015 Heaven By Jack Steele

07/12/2015 Worshiping In Spirit y Derrell Proctor

07/19/2015 Not Exactly By Jack Steele

07/19/2015 Security By Robbie Rogers

07/26/2015 Fun-Fun-Fun By Jack Steele

07/26/2015 Let The Word Of Christ Dwell In You Richly By Brad Ruwe

08/02/2015 What Saul Saw, When Saul Could Not See By Jack Steele

08/09/2015 Enoch By Brad Ruwe

08/16/2015 Whats In It For Me By Jack Steele

08/16/2015 Keeping Our Hearts By Robbie Rogers

08/23/2015 Haggai By Brad Ruwe

08/30/2015 The Riches And Blessings In Christ Jesus by Jack Steele

09/06/2015 What Does The Future Hold for The Christian? By Jack Steele

09/13/2015 Great Things God Has Done By Jack Steele

09/13/2015 Developing Patience By Derrell Proctor

09/27/2015 The Bible Has The Answers For Us By Jack steele

09/27/2015 Jacob By Brad Ruwe

10/04/2015 The Righteousness of God By Jack Steele

10/11/2015 Jesus Our Lord By Jack Steele

10/11/2015 Kicking Against The Goads By Brad Ruwe

10/18/2015 Searching The Scriptures-A Way that  Cannot Be wrong By Jack Steele

10/18/2015 What Does The Lord Require Of Me-Micah 6:6-8 By Robbie Rogers

10/25/2015 Getting Down To The Core Of Spiritual Matters By Jack Steele

11/01/2015 Bible Study By Jack Steele

11/09/2015 Life After Death–Hades By Scott Wyatt

11/10/2015 Life after Death–Hell By Scott Wyatt

11/15/2015 In The People Business By Jack Steele

11/15/2015 Creation of Earth By Robbie Rogers

11/22/2015 The Perfect Preacher By Jack steele

11/22/2015 The Second Plague on Egypt By Brad Ruwe

11/29/2015  Seek Things Above, Not Things On Earth By Jack Steele

12/06/2015 God’s Complete Word, Completes Man By Jack Steele

12/13/2015 The Responsibility Of Raising Our Children In The Lord By Jack Steele

12/13/2015 Making The Right Decision By Derrell Proctor

12/20/2015 Appreciation For God By Jack Steele

12/20/2015 How Do We Look At Ourselves? By Robbie Rogers

12/27/2015 Verses of The Bible We Need To Know and Obey (1) By Jack steele

12/27/2015 Relationship Between Melchizedek and Christ By Brad Ruwe

01/03/2016 Verses of The Bible We Need To Know and Obey (2) By Jack Steele

01/10/2016 Why We Attend Worship Services By Derrell Proctor

01/17/2016 The Mind of Peter (1 Peter Chapter 3) By Brad Ruwe

01/17/2016 Serving God  (Luke 14:16-24) By Robbie Rogers

01/24/2016 Why We Should Enjoy Serving God By Jack steele

01/24/2016 What It Means To Be a Child Of God By Brad Ruwe

01/31/2016 Seeking the Impossible By Jack Steele

02/07/2016 Living For The Lord By Jack Steele

2/14/2016 The Tree of Life By Jack Steele

2/21/2016 The Christian’s Calling By Jack Steele

2/21/2016 Missunderstanding of John the Baptist By Robbie Rogers

02/28/2016 Why People Give Up On The Lord By Jack Steele

02/28/2016 Paradox-Losing your Life To find It By Brad Ruwe

03/06/2016 Accessing The Grace Of God By Jack Steele

03/13/2016 False Teachers By Jack Steele

03/13/2016 Conduct Worthy Of The Gospel By Derrell Proctor

03/20/2016 The Pride Of Life By Jack Steele

03/20/2016 How Do You View Sin? Exceedingly Sinful! By Robbie Rogers

03/27/2016 PSALMS 23 By Jack Steele

03/27/2016 Greatness And Heroism By Joshua Welch

04/03/2016 Work Of The Preacher By Jack Steele

04/10/2016 There Must Be A Standard By Robbie Rogers

04/17/2016 Our Need To Study And Know The Scriptures By Robbie Rogers

04/17/2016 Psalms 148 Praise God By Derrell Proctor

04/24/2016 How God Comforts Us By Jack Steele

04/24/2016 Direction By Brad Ruwe

05/01/2016 What Makes a church The Church By Jack Steele

05/08/2016 Lighting The Fire Within You By Jack Steele

05/08/2016 Spiritual Blessings By Derrell Proctor

05/15/2016 Adorning The Gospel By Brad Ruwe

05/15/2016 Bible Knowledge By Robbie Rogers

o5/22/2016 A Great Faith By Jack Steele

05/22/2016 Christians Are Christ Like By Brad Ruwe

05/29/2016 What Was Jesus Like While He Lived In The Flesh By Jack Steele

06/05/2016 Encouragement for Young People By Jack Steele

06/12/2016 What Is The Value of A Promise? By Jack Steele

06/12/2016 Old Testament Written For Our Learning By Derrell Proctor

06/19/2016 Conformity By Brad Ruwe

06/19/2016 The Apostles by Robbie Rogers

06/26/2016 Ephesians Chapter Four Working Together  By Robbie Rogers

06/26/2016Go d’s Two Edged Sword By Brad Ruwe

07/03/2016 Five Lessons From 1Peter Chapters 1-5 By Jack steele

07/10/2016 No Turning Back By Robbie Rogers

07/10/2016 Spiritual Exercising By Derrell Proctor

07/17/2016 Parable Of The Sower By Jack Steele

07/17/2016 The Apostles Part Two By Robbie Rogers

07/24/2016 The Apostles Part Three By Robbie Rogers

07/31/2016 Two Prayers of Jesus By Jack Steele

08/07/2016 Peter the Preacher By Jack Steele

08/14/2016 The Life of A Christian By Jack Steele

08/14/2016 God Cannot Lie By Derrell Proctor

08/21/2016 King Asa By Brad Ruwe

08/21/2016 The Apostles Part Three By Robbie Rogers

08/29/2016 The Devil By Jack Steele

08/29/2016 Saul’s Conversion By Brad Ruwe

09/18/2016 The Door Is Shut By Jack Steele

09/25/2016 Name Written In Heaven By Robbie Roge

09/25/2016 Naaman By Brad Ruwe

10/02/2016 The Doctrine Of Life By Jack Steele
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