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Three Nails


By Glenn Ward

            I read an article on the Internet about the nails that nailed Jesus to the cross. I decided to write an article about the three nails. Symbolically the nails did much more than nailing Jesus to the cross. In this article we will examine what the nails did symbolically. First, I have a little to say about the nails. Jesus grew up the son of a carpenter (Matthew 13:53-56). He probably worked as a carpenter himself. Jesus knew what nails were and what they did. Nails were used to fasten things together. Their nails were not like our nails today. Our nails are smooth and are made of different type metals. Their nails were probably rough and not smooth. The nails used to nail Jesus to the cross physically held his body to keep it from falling off the cross. The nails however could not prevent Jesus from coming down from the cross if He wanted to. If you remember there were those that tormented Jesus by telling Him to come down from the cross if He was the Messiah. What kept Him on the cross was the love of mankind that He created. He, also, loved His Father and wanted to keep His Father’s commandments. When He prayed to the Father He asked that the cup may be lifted from Him but if not His Father’s will would be done (Matthew 26:36-46). Man did not take the life of Jesus. Jesus gave His life to pay the ransom for the sins of the world. He gave His life that we might be reconciled back to the God (John 3:16).

We will now examine what the nails symbolically nailed. First, the old law, the Law of Moses, was nailed to the cross (Colossians 2:14). The Old Law was taken out of the way to make way for the new. The New Law, which is the gospel of Jesus Christ, is referred to as the last will and testament of Jesus Christ. There must be the death of the testator for this new law to take effect (Hebrew 9:16-17). The old law was the school master to bring Jesus into the world. Jesus came into the world fulfilling the purpose of the Old Law. The Old Law was not able to take away the sins of the world. A new law was needed to take away the sins of the world (Hebrews 10:4; 1 John 1:7). The New Law took effect fifty days after the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ (Acts 2).

You probably have heard the terms of “nailing it down” or “nailed it down” referring to binding something together. It could be something physical, or an oath, or pledge. If you nailed something down you had it secured. The nails of the cross nailed together Jesus and the church. They cannot be separated. Jesus promised to build His church which is the body of Christ. You cannot be saved outside the church. There are many churches in the world but only one of them is the Church that Jesus Christ built. Satan says to go to the church of your choice. To be saved we must go to the church that belongs to Christ. Jesus is the head of the body which is the church (Colossians 1:18). One cannot ignore the church or try to divide the church. We must have fellowship with Jesus Christ and our brothers and sisters in Christ.

The nails, also, nailed together the blood of Christ and baptism. The blood of Christ cleanses us from our sins. We come into contact with the blood of Christ when we are baptized. John says that the blood of Christ cleanses us from our sins (1John 1:7). Peter says we are to be baptized for the remission of sins (Act 2:38). Romans chapter six explains baptism as symbolically following the death burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. One cannot be saved unless he or she is baptized. One must be buried in water to simulate the burial of Jesus Christ. Sprinkling with water is not being baptism.

The nails of the cross nailed down the promises of God. God loved the world that He gave His only Son, to die upon the cross, to pay for the sins of the world (John 3:9-21). Since God did not withhold His Son He will not go back on His promises (1 John 4:9-10). We can be sure of our salvation and eternal life in heaven if we obey the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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